28 Mar, 2017

TIW-leaders took part in the Charity Event in Zurich

On March 14, the 6th annual Charity Event of «Cartoneros y sus Chicos» took place in Zurich. This international program is focusing on the Madreselvas-Cartoneros, who live in the municipality of Pilar in Buenos Aires. Under the leadership of Renata Jacobs, “Cartoneros y sus Chicos” has the set the goal of enabling the Cartoneros and their children to live a better life and look forward to a brighter future.
About 200 guests were present from the government, from the finance and business industry as well as from the art and music world.
Alexander Konovalov and Eugen von Rubinberg, the leaders of TIW, took part in the event together with Arthur Cohn, the six-time Аcademy Аward winner

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