28 Apr, 2017

The best-selling paper in Switzerland «Blick» discussed DROTR

We are pleased to see both the attention of the most authoritative European journalists and the activity of readers. Many of them installed the application and told us how to make it better. We will take into account all suggestions in the new version of Drotr. It is especially pleasant and important for us that the readers of «Blick» just believe in us:
«There are real innovations in Switzerland. It's nice to see the success of Swiss applications, not just American applications that help NSA with "big data"» - Monika Tschüss from Emmetten
«I use the app for video calls with real-time translation. Google does not have such a function. Finally, a digital innovation was created in Switzerland. I think the idea and implementation are good...» - Anny Rosner from Constance http://bit.ly/2rhWoyU

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