03 Nov, 2017

Voice messages with translation - the first in the world!

With one of our latest update, DROTR introduced an innovative function - sending voice messages with translation. DROTR is the first messenger in the World with this option!

This function allows you to communicate even easier. Just tap&hold the mic button to record a message and release it to send. Your interlocutor will be able to see the text translation, as well as listen to the original message. How cool is that?

With this feature, we eliminate the problem of typing on the go. Just record your message and stay cool. DROTR will process it and deliver a translation to your interlocutor.

Within 10 days after the launch of voice messages with translation, the number of our active users increased 50 times!

Check out the video below to learn how to use this new DROTR-feature.
Enjoy multilingual communication!

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