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Technologies Improving the World (TIW) is an innovative company that develops products in the fields of communications and security. It was founded in May 2013. TIW focuses on the development of the most prospective ideas in IT industry with the greatest social potential. The most famous project of TIW is Drotr - the world's first service for simultaneous translation of video calls.
The slogan of the project is “Speak your language with the world”. It fully reflects the project mission – to give people of different nationalities the opportunity to communicate with the world while using their own language. In this way, DROTR helps people to preserve their native languages as the main aspect of national cultures.


Alexander Konovalov

Chairman of the TIW AG Board of Directors

Alexander Konovalov is a successful inventor, investor and entrepreneur. More than 15 years of experience in production and service companies and the development of IT products. He has earned his Master's degree in Construction Engineering, Business economics and MBA. He is the Author of several patents and inventions.

Eugen von Rubinberg

Chairman & CEO

Eugen von Rubinberg has been an entrepreneur and investor for more than 15 years. Now he is Chairmen and CEO of Rubinberg AG. He has gained financial, operational and strategic know-how through his direct engagement with many companies.

Dr. Jürgen Brücker

Member of the Board of Directors, TIW AG

Dr. Jürgen Brücker holds a PhD in economics from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Dr. Brücker also has a substantial technical background; several of his industrial designs have been patented, along with being the founder of a startup. Now he is President of the University of Liechtenstein.

Denys Krasnikov

Chief Business Development Officer

Denys Krasnikov got Ph.D. at National Academy of Public Administration. He graduated Executive Education Program at Harvard University with specialization Innovation for Economic Development. When he came back to Ukraine joint the TIW team. Now he is Chief Business Development Officer of TIW and has more than 20 years experience at top-executive positions. In his earlier years, he got his Master Degree in International Law and certificate of programming.

History of DROTR


DROTR for iOS is published on Apple Store. In February the team starts the creation of a new generation messenger – Drotr 6.0, that will be presented in May 2017

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In 2017 users of DROTR are waiting for a few significant updates:
  • Voice messages with translation
  • Autoreply function
  • New DROTR stickers
  • New version of DROTR iOS
  • Integration of DROTR and DROTR MeetUp
  • New quality of interfaces and functions
  • Improvement of safety protocols
  • New business solutions


Two new applications - DROTR MeetUp & DROTR SMS are published on Google Play market. DROTR MeetUp is a conversation translator that allows communicating face to face in 88 languages and saving of the transcripts in a convenient pdf-format. DROTR SMS translates your inbox & sent messages to any other language you want.


The app becomes free. In the fourth version, developers add various privacy settings, displaying the original and the translation of the message, info-graphic tips, “share” function, sending photos and videos of any size without distortion.


DROTR 2.0 is published. Chat features became available with translation and without, the internal voice call transfer "voice to voice", and the translation of the video call "voice to voice" in real time.
In November 2014 a built-in option to search for people to communicate with is added to DROTR 3.0.


On June 26th, the first version of the program is presented on Google Play. For 3 months, the application was downloaded over 100 000 times. The project becomes the topic of discussion at many international IT-events.

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Through the work of a great enthusiastic team, DROTR has become a true communication platform, that allows communication with the world, while using a variety of languages.