11 Apr, 2017

Spring 2017: fashion trends from DROTR

Dear Friends! 
Spring comes and DROTR becomes fashionably;)

April 11 we have launched a new version of DROTR There will be a lot of new - interface, features, even logo! Be sure to update the application - old DROTR will stop working. Some new features are temporarily unavailable. We will launch full-featured DROTR 6.0 in May 2017. During the whole spring, we will add new features and capabilities. Participate in the creation of a new messenger – send your offers, feedback, comments. We will definitely take into account all opinions!

Today we are launching…

for Android-users:
1. New, beautiful and friendly interface – Drotr became very fashionable!
2. New features – it is only first steps to the new functionality
3. New easy&secure registration - with Google+, Facebook, Linkedin

Please, update your DROTR Android right now:

for iOS-users:
1. More stable working – due to new maintenance
2. New features – we have added file-sharing 
3. Display and sort-settings for chat messages

Please, update your DROTR iOS right now:

P.S. That's what's happening in our office right now - we're working like crazy. But you can make us work better - tell us what we are doing right or wrong. Try, evaluate, use!

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