17 Jun, 2017

The presentation of the new DROTR took place in Zurich

Alexander Konovalov and Eugen von Rubinberg presented three updated applications – DROTR, DROTR SMS and DROTR MeetUp. With special pride and joy, we welcomed in Zurich our ambassador - the world champion in chess, the owner of nine chess "Oscars" Anatoly Karpov.
The development of DROTR is like the great art of chess. Computer chess has been perfected continuously until computers could defeat people. However, live playing chess is not outdated! On the contrary, computerization has increased the popularity of chess around the world. Inventor of DROTR Alexander Konovalov has a similar vision. The ability to communicate with people from different countries in their own language will promote the development of economic and political ties. Probably soon DROTR will be able to translate better than an interpreter, as its development is similar to a chess computer. Despite this, international communication is not replaced, on the contrary, it develops outside cultural and linguistic boundaries. DROTR connects people of different cultures in the same way as chess does in their own language.
In a few days, more than 300 European media have written about DROTR, we have received a huge stream of new users and feedbacks. Our team has a lot of work and plans - in the coming weeks we plan to release a new version of DROTR, with new features and new languages!

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