21 Jun, 2017

«It is important to take away people's fear»

«It is a matter of taking people's fear», says Bundesrat Schneider-Ammann in connection with the local debate on digitization, which is usually negatively occupied. Fears that need to be taken seriously. And at the same time can be dismantled through education. For this reason, he applies for an additional credit of 150 million Swiss francs for the so-called educational campaign, as the Tages-Anzeiger reported yesterday.…/es-gilt-den-me…/story/20821581

An Initiative DROTR founder Alexander Konovalov welcomes: «Switzerland is known for its education system. And this initiative is in the spirit of modern trends, it is very timely. To win the world market it is necessary to start with education. This rule applies to all industries, and especially to digital technologies, where knowledge very quickly becomes obsolete, and it is always necessary to maintain their relevance.»

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