30 Dec, 2017


In anticipation of the New Year, we would like to look back together with you at what was done in 2017.

During the year, we developed an iOS-version of DROTR, updated the application interface and made localization in 14 languages. Also, we have implemented the groundbreaking function of voice messages with translation, added bright stickers and an auto-reply function. Another achievement was the long-awaited merge of DROTR and DROTR MeetUP. Not to mention various small updates to improve the quality of translation and user experience.

What do we have planned? You'll see! Now get just a tiny sneak peek through the door to our DROTR-lab: we want to localize the interface to most of the existing languages, release friends search, a web-version, real gifts and much more! Shhhhh...

Welcome, 2018!

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