06 Feb, 2018

DROTR on Galileo

We will be featured in an episode on Galileo, a German-speaking channel!
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19 Dec, 2017

Let's change the world together!

Our application helps real people in a variety of situations.
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13 Oct, 2017

Swiss UnternehmerZeitung talked to Eugen von Rubinberg, CEO of TIW AG

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21 Jun, 2017

«It is important to take away people's fear»

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20 Jun, 2017

Swiss Messenger declares war on Whatsapp

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01 Jun, 2017

Here we go in Zurich - "Blick" has already branded new DROTR!

Here we go in Zurich - "Blick" has already branded new Drotr!
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12 Apr, 2017

Swiss Babelfish - the Hitchhiker's Guide to Europe

Again, Drotr is compared to the Babelfish. This time – by journalists of "Bilanz".
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20 Dec, 2016

TIW is increasing its popularity in Europe

In December two well-known media companies presented TIW to their readers.
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30 Sep, 2016

Swiss experts think highly of TIW projects

Analytical materials of the Swiss ITRESELLER
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