Speak your language with the world

Be open to the whole world, keep your privacy

Communicate face-to-face with people from different countries without the language barriers

Choose a comfortable mode of communication

Respect other cultures, preserve their identity identity


Use all options of DROTR!

  • Functions of DROTR
  • Video calls
  • Voice calls
  • Messages
  • Private chats
  • Public chats
  • Files exchange
  • Contacts blocking
  • Presents

Communicate with foreigners, while simultaneously watching your listeners and speaking your language. The speech synthesizer provides the synchronic audio-visual translation of the listeners’ speech.

Talk as in a usual phone call due to the voice recognition system and simultaneous translation. You can hear both the voice of the interlocutor and the translation – in real-time.

Send and receive messages in native languages. Communication is lively and interesting due to simultaneous translation.

Hide your private message from other users. The new privacy settings make it possible to hide your private chats with the help of additional passcodes.

Communicate with famous people and find out more about your idols. Create conferences, look for ideas, discuss important issues. Drotr will simultaneously translate chats into 104 languages.

Share photos, music and videos with your friends, preserving their original quality. You can quickly agree on deals, send accounts and reports in communication with your business partners.

Protect yourself from unwanted communication and selectively pick your conversation partner. You decide on who you want to chat with!

Exchange real presents even with strangers! Instead of the virtual stickers entertain your friends with real surprises even when the addressee is unknown.

New opportunities

- privacy of chats and profile

- renewed interface

- improved quality of translation and connection


Choose the best messenger for cross-cultural communication

Quality of 
User’s settings
Original and translation
of speech
Voice-text – 
Free of charge, 
advertisement free

Enjoy your communication without sad mistakes. Due to the innovative algorithms, the application is constantly being improved and it understands you better and better with each usage. DROTR is always able to interpret your messages correctly.

Your own preferences can aid in optimizing your interface of DROTR. You can choose the background of the messenger, set the font and color of the letters and change other elements of the design. Manifest your individuality! Create your own virtual environment.

Personal communication – only for special listeners! Hide the personal texts – and they will be shown on the general list. Other users will be unable to see or read them. Your personal chat is accessible only with a passcode. Avoid undesired communication by blocking selected contacts.

DROTR is an easy way to learn a language. You can master a foreign language quickly and easily by listening to the original and translation of speech and by reading the original and translated messages. It is as if you are interacting with a native speaker. Moreover, you will be pleased to hear each other’s voice and to catch all the non-verbal means; intonation, a light smile etc.

Send text messages and your addressee will either read or hear them according to his own settings. Do you like voice messages? Speak up! Using the voice recognition system the messenger will provide the synchronic translation of your speech. And your listeners will receive the message in a suitable format.

Comfortable cross-cultural communication is available for everyone! You can download DROTR messenger for free and start using it right now. The application is free of advertisement and annoying spam will not prevent you from important and interesting conversations. Get maximum comfort for comfortable communication with the whole world.

Estimate the quality of
translation of DROTR

Change the design applications
to fit your own taste

Protect you personal chats 
from other users' eyes

You can see and hear the
original and translation

Enjoy communication in full

Communicate with the whole 
world for free

Start your communication with the world right now!

Download DROTR for free in Google Play or Apple Store
Get acquainted, study, work, open new opportunities

Friends all over the world 

Find friends in any country of the world. Friendship overcomes any language barriers!

You do not need interpreters any more

Enjoy direct communication. Discuss any topic without intermediaries.

Communicate in person

Speak up, use video and voice calls. Enjoy communications!

Avoid misunderstanding

A high-quality algorithm of translation will precisely render your words to the interlocutor.

Speak up freely and openly

Use private chat to discuss some closed subjects in tete-a-tete conversation.

Be in trend

Use innovative technologies for personal and business communication.

Our customers speak about us

I am working from home with the whole world. My customers are in England, the US, Belgium, France and other countries. DROTR helps to discuss every detail with them. I enjoy such a freedom of actions.

I have dozens of friends around the world. It is so amazing, with the help of DROTR we can share secrets, enjoy holidays, talk about life. I occasionally happen to forget that there are thousands of kilometers between us.

We are different, but our group is the best. People from France, Australia, Czech, South Korea came to study. Each of us has his or her own culture and language. But using DROTR, we understand each other, make jokes, help one another in studies.