Speak with any person in your language, face to face, everywhere and always!


Main functions

More opportunities with the new functions DROTR MeetUp

Using accessories

Switch off the loudspeaker of the phone and talk through the microphone and the headphones.

Choosing the noise level

Adjust the speech recognition for a high quality translation, allowing speaking and translation in noisy places.

Conversations in 88 languages

Speak your native language with the foreign friends and partners.

Quick dialogue

Turn off the voice synthesizer - communication will be even faster!

Saving conversation

Convenient transcript in two languages. Save and share important conversations in PDF format.

Conversations history

Go back to any dialogue to specify the information. The application stores the recordings of all conversations.

New opportunities for our users!

MeetUp – a convenient cross-cultural communication

Speak any language

Speak in your native language with conversation partners from any country of the world.

Anytime, anywhere

Discuss anything, wherever and whenever. Feel really free communication!

Uncover secrets

Feel free to share your private questions without an interpreter.

Store the important information

Re-read the recordings of the key conversations, not losing a word of important information.

No extra devices

Only one interlocutor has to install DROTR to start communication immediately.

Joke and flirt

Feel free to get acquainted and flirt. There are no boundaries for love: neither geographical nor language!


Communicate conveniently and easily!

Our users speak about us

DROTR Meet Up – my competitive advantage. I am making profitable deals with the foreign partners and clients, not even knowing their languages.

I would like to share my amazing love story:) By means of DROTR MeetUp I got to know Thomas from Stuttgart and we began our communication. We became a couple in a month and we are expecting our first baby now.

Retirement is travels! I was afraid of travelling abroad as I speak only German. With DROTR Meet Up I have already been to Italy and Czech, and I intend to keep travelling.

Enjoy communication with DROTR MeetUp!
Speak your language with the world!