Privacy Policy

Revised as of March 1st, 2017

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is a legal document regulating the collection, storage, processing, use and disclosure by Technology Improves the World s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “TIW” or “we”) of your personal and other data when you use this website, mobile application, services, programs, software and other services and TIW instruments (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Service”, “DROTR”). This Policy shall be an integral part of the Agreement on the use of DROTR, which is set forth here. All terms and conditions of the Agreement (including the definition) shall be applicable to this document unless otherwise provided by provisions of the Policy.

By accessing, downloading, viewing, or performing any other use of this Service, you authorize TIW for collecting, storing, processing and using your personal data and other identifying information obtained within this Service and with its help as well as strongly agree with provisions of this Policy and the Agreement on the use of DROTR, which are set forth on the website, and agree to act in compliance with them. Should any provision of this Policy or the Agreement on the use of DROTR be ambiguous or unacceptable to you, please do not use this Service.

TIW makes best efforts to protect personal data and other identifying information of its Users by implementing various technologies and procedures aimed at protection against unauthorized access, use or disclosure of the User’s data.

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Privacy Policy shall be applied to personal data and other identifying information of the User collected within the Service and owing to its use, specifically, through website, mobile apps of Droid Translator, DROTR MeetUp, DROTR SMS and other applications, services, programs and tools of TIW that are offered by TIW or may be offered in the future on this website and/or mobile application for access and/or use.

1.2. The purpose of collecting, storing, processing and using personal data and other identifying information of the User is the protection of User’s and TIW's interests, as well as providing services to the User, including demonstration of personalized or general information, improving the quality of existing services provided by TIW.

1.3. Use of DROTR by persons under the age of 13 is not intended.

2. Definition of Terms

Unless otherwise expressly specified by provisions of this Policy, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

User Data: (i) personal data - any information about the User that is or may be clearly identified based on any other information allowing to identify such User as a person; or (ii) other data - any information (not personal data) that is automatically collected within the Service and through third-party services (such as Cookie files used in DROTR).

Data processing: any action or series of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, amendment, updating, use and dissemination (distribution, sale, transfer), depersonalization and deletion of personal User data.

Account: a data array that contains User’s authorization data (login and password) necessary to identify the User when entering DROTR.

Cookie file: a small chunk of data that does not contain personal data and located on the User's device in the form of one or more files providing implementation of DROTR features and functionality.

Website: a set of software, information and media assets, combined together, designed as separate Web pages and available at the Internet Domain Name, development and administration of which is performed by TIW.

3. Collection of User Data within DROTR or with its help

3.1. Holder of right for personal data and other identifying information of the User. Personal data and other identifying information of the User shall be in the possession and disposal of the company Technology Improves the World s.r.o, a legal entity organized and incorporated under the laws of the Czech Republic, with its registered office at: Czech Republic, Praha 5-Stodůlky, Nárožní 2787/7a, PSČ 158 00.

3.2. The list of User data being collected within the Service and with its help:

(i) Collection of personal data during registration.When creating an account in DROTR by registration, the User provides the following information: first name and surname, e-mail address and/or mobile number, password and may upload his/her own photo. Furthermore, for the purpose of use of certain parts of the Service, the User also shall be asked to specify his/her age, sex, country of residence and preferred language. This information shall be needed to identify the User among others. First name, surname and photo shall be available to other Users.

(ii) Personal data collected when authorizing through social networks, e-mailBy authorizing through the social network, the User agrees to provide TIW with long-term access to all his/her personal data specified in such social network.

(iii) Collection of the User's phone numbers.In order to ensure linkage between the User and his/her contacts stored in the mobile device, the User, when downloading and installing the mobile applications, may be asked to provide the access to phone numbers saved in his/her mobile device. The User confirms that he/she has the right to provide TIW with such data.

(iv) User Data on the User’s activity.When using certain part of the Service, TIW will collect User data on the presence or absence of the User within DROTR network, with regard to receiving and viewing by the User of messages sent to him/her by other Users (including SMS-messages data routing) as well as information on calls (rooms interlocutors, time and date of calls, duration of calls, missed calls, etc.) received or made by the User. With that, information on the presence or absence of the User within DROTR network will be available to other Users while the information about receiving and viewing by the User of messages will be available only to those Users who sent the message.

TIW uses the system of encrypting DROTR functions and tools and has limited access to any SMS-messages and other personal messages of User, his/her voice and video calls, information shared by the User through his/her device.

Aimed at improving the Service, except the above data on the User’s actions, TIW shall also collect the information on the User’s used functions, DROTR tools; access of the User to webpages, DROTR content, websites, apps, services, any messages sent by other Users within and through DROTR; applications downloaded by the User within or through DROTR.

(v) Device data.TIW collects data on devices and networks used by the User to connect to DROTR (e.g. IP-address, device identifiers, language and regional settings, information about the software installed on the User's devices).

(vi) The data obtained from third parties. TIW may obtain data on the User from other persons, i.e. from the Users entitled to provide such data while making calls, sending messages and when they perform other DROTR-related activity; other organizations collaborating with TIW, including but not limited to, improvement, proper work, configuration, maintenance, analysis and advertising the Service.

(vii) Other data. TIW is planning to upgrade DROTR and establish new partnership relations in the future, which would result in obtaining further User data. Should TIW start collecting new types of personal data and significantly alter the processing of User data, then relevant amendments shall be incorporated into this Privacy Policy and the User shall be notified of such incorporation of amendments.

3.3. TIW shall not verify the accuracy of the User’s personal data.

4. Cookie files and other data collection tools

4.1. In order to collect User data not related to personal data, TIW uses Cookie files and other tracking technologies on the website and within mobile apps with the aim of facilitating User’s work in DROTR, analysis of the use and effectiveness of DROTR and for advertising purposes. By using the Service, the User agrees that TIW will store Cookie files and other tracking technologies in conformity with this Privacy Policy.

4.2. By the means of Cookie files, TIW collects and uses User data along with data of other Users in such a way that it is impossible to identify any particular User.

4.3. Two types of Cookie files are used in DROTR: permanent (stored on the User's device until removed by the User) and temporary (stored on the User's device until closing his/her browser).

Permanent Cookie files make it possible to identify the User without performing reentry, thus contributing to simplification of the Service in terms of its use and saving User’s time. Temporary Cookie files are stored only during one browser session User.

4.4. Cookie files used in DROTR may be classified by its functional difference as follows:

(i) technical (User’s identification, ensuring uninterrupted and proper operation of the Service);

(ii) functional (identifying User’s preferences while browsing website, using mobile application, improving content offered through the Service);

(iii) analytical (analysis of the use of functions and tools of the Service by the User, evaluating traffic while using the Service and its productivity, improving DROTR);

(iv) advertising (providing with the content and advertisement that can be interesting to the User).

4.5. DROTR includes third party tracking technologies owned by third parties and governed by their privacy policies, e.g. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google+ Platform, Crashlytics, App Analytics and technologies used for connecting to DROTR through Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.

4.6. Other tracking technologies used in DROTR are as follows:

(i) Web beacons (small parts of computer code ( “1 × 1 GIFs”) or small (“blank GIF-images”) graphic images similar by functions to Cookie files, or other web programming code);

(ii) indicator (unique set of characters and numbers that identify the device);

(iii) script (temporarily embedded source code aimed at collecting information on the User’s activity within the Service).

4.7. Cookie files and other data collection tools may undergo changes and be supplemented.

4.8. The User may independently manage Cookie files in his/her browser settings and/or his/her mobile device. Cookie files may be locked by the User at any moment. Locking by the User of Cookie files may result in partial or complete DROTR inapplicability.

5. Use and storage of User data within DROTR or with its help

5.1. Consent to the processing of personal data. By providing personal data to TIW when creating or updating account, the User voluntarily and expressly accepts terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and Agreement and voluntarily agrees to the processing of his/her personal data as per this Privacy Policy. Providing by the User within and/or through the Service of any information, being confidential under the current legislation is completely voluntary. At any time the User may withdraw or change his/her consent as to collecting and processing the data provided under the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Agreement by changing or closing his/her account in DROTR.

5.2. Consent to receive messages. The User gives his/her consent to receive from TIW any messages (informative, congratulatory, advertising and other) by e-mail; phone number; through websites, apps, and other means of communication available within DROTR, including SMS-messages and Push-message. At any time, the User may withdraw his/her consent to receive advertising messages by submitting a support request to DROTR.

5.3. Disclosure and providing data to third parties. TIW shall not disclose or provide User data to third parties, with the exceptions of following cases:

(i) disclosure of the User data to third parties being TIW partners or whose services are used by TIW within obligations related to DROTR that do not conflict with the provisions of this Privacy Policy, Agreement and any other measures applied with regard to confidentiality and security, as well as to third parties chosen by the User for this purpose;

(ii) disclosure of User data to another person (legal or natural), in case of DROTR ownership transfer to such person;

(iii) public disclosure of User data that has been shared by the person (the owner of such data) with the general public (including by publishing such data on any website on an unrestricted basis) or to which, according to this Privacy Policy and/or current legislation, confidentiality obligations are not applied to;

(iv) disclosure of User data to law enforcement agencies, judicial authorities, public institutions or authorized third parties in response to inquiry from the above institutions caused by verified fact of terrorist acts, criminal cases, suspected unlawful activity or any other activity entailing legal liability.

5.4. Place of processing User data. TIW may transmit and process User data outside the country of the User's residence or stay, irrespective of where TIW and its affiliated entities and service providers operate.

5.5. Period of storing User data. The User agrees that his data shall be stored by TIW for the entire duration of the Service use by the User and for as long as it is necessary, and undertakes to assist TIW in pursuance of improving the Service and providing new possibilities to its Users.

6. Rights of the User

6.1. The User shall have the right to:

(i) View, modify, correct or delete information in his/her User’s account.

(ii) Delete sent or received messages. However, information provided by the User in messages or in any other way within DROTR may be copied and saved by other persons even after being deleted by the User if access to this information was earlier provided by the User to such persons. Moreover, the User shall not be able to view, correct or remove data copied or exported by other persons outside DROTR since TIW is not performing control over such information;

(iii) Unsubscribe from receiving our email messages except those related to the Service (e.g. changes and updates of the Service functions).

7. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

7.1. The collection, distribution and use of personal data of Users are regulated by the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic.

7.2. The User thereby confirms and agrees that this Privacy Policy and relationship between the User and TIW are governed by and interpreted in pursuance of the legislation of the Czech Republic.

7.3. All claims, litigations, disputes that may arise between the User and TIW in the process of the performance of this Privacy Policy shall be resolved by the Parties through negotiations. The Parties agree that each Party may file a claim to the other Party on individual basis and not as plaintiff, legal representative or pleader etc.

The User agrees that for the purposes of disputes settlement between the User and TIW an effective and binding mean of communication with the authorized representative of TIW shall be correspondence through the following e-mail:

7.4. Should the parties fail to come to an agreement with respect to dispute settlement within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the start of negotiations, the dispute shall be submitted to the competent court pursuant to the legislation of the Czech Republic.

7.5. Unless otherwise stipulated by the applicable law, each requirement of the Party or members can not be combined with other requirements and shall be considered on an individual basis.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1. TIW has the right to make any system amendments, amendments or additions to this Privacy Policy at any time by posting revised version of the Policy on the Website without sending any prior message. Amendments and additions shall enter into force from the date of publication on the Website. The User must regularly visit Website in order to be familiarized with amendments an additions incorporated.

8.2. This Privacy policy has been drawn up in the English language. Should any translation of this Privacy Policy into another language be in conflict with its version in the English language, revised version in the English language shall prevail over others.

8.3. Any questions or comments arising in connection to this Privacy Policy should be sent to the following e-mail: