24 Dec, 2016

Two Christmas presents from TIW!

Our team wishes you a Merry Christmas and is happy to present you with two new applications - DROTR SMS and DROTR MeetUp.
DROTR MeetUp is a conversation translator that allows communicating face to face in 88 languages, saving of the transcripts in a convenient pdf-format. With
DROTR MeetUp, you no longer need expensive interpreters or have to waste time trying to understand languages that aren’t your own. Now you can speak normally, as you would during private or business meetings and your words will automatically be translated for your listeners from all around the world! Try DROTR 
MeetUp right now.
DROTR SMS - automatic translation of incoming and outgoing SMS messages into 104 languages. Translate your inbox&sent messages from any language to any other language you want. With DROTR SMS you can instantly respond to messages from foreign listeners. You no longer need to transmit SMS messages to translators or waste time trying to understand languages that aren’t your own. Now you can communicate normally, and your messages will automatically be translated for your listeners from all around the world.
Download our app on the Google Play Store here.
Now you can speak to the world by using three DROTR-apps – Calls&Chat, SMS and MeetUp!
Say "Merry Christmas" in 100 languages!
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